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About Inventure

Inventure Metal Products'has been providing Fabrication of Glass and Aluminium for fa├žade building in the construction Industry since 2005 in UAE. Acknowledged by recognized consultants and architects and certified by JAFZA & DEWA, we have grown to be known as a special grade contracting enterprise.

Our quest for excellence is a constant pursuit with a commitment to deliver the best to our customers. We invest in our technology and quality assurance with a motive of providing services of par excellence'. Aluminium and Glass systems play a vital role in building the future of construction industry. We have undertaken numerous projects and aspire to make significant contribution to the construction industry of UAE.

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Stringent quality control standards and quality assurance systems cover all work process right from procurements, processes, fabrication and installation. The company's quality policy is directed towards total customer satisfaction. By providing an efficient "one stop" in house service, Inventure ensures maximum consistency between the design, fabrication, installation and offer our clients with timely completion. We have maintained a track record of completing all projects within contract period.

`Inventure Metal Products' has integrity in growth, production capacity, product range and quality of workmanship.